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Welcome To My Homepage

Welcome To My Homepage

Hello my name is ....
Here are some examples of my paintings,this are painted on a canvass with oils, and also watercolors, and acrylics you can yell in this box, all critics are some how welcome

some of my textures created with gentex and gimp ,this programs are for free
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Hi there this is my yellbox,leave any coments here
........................................................ I created some obj for the sims 2 ,theyre not perfect but at least they are for free, please enjoy them
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  • click image to go to 3d objs
  • click image to go to my gifs freebies
hi there my name is Paloma, and I was born in Madrid, Spain, currently living in Australia for the past 23 years, I have 5 children and 3 grandchildren, not that I'm that old, I got marry very young, I Love kids, Art,Computers, Sports no,I think I'm a bit lazy I like to play pc games, expecially the sims 2, I created a couple of objs,I'm always looking to do something to do with art and computers. At the moment I'm studying the diploma for Printing and Graphic Art Design. I Really enjoying the course. Email me
this is my email also I would leave any news ,as for the moment I will update the sims 2 download page with new obj,visit my download page
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    sharecg mod the sims 2 Ok here is a link to my creations made with Wings 3d a free modelling program, at shareCg you will find my free 3d models, and also more things, not from me but from many people lots of freebies, modthesims2 here is a link to mod the sims 2,you have to register, but everything is free to download
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