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Welcome to my art page!
.......These are my paintings................. most of them are in a canvas painted in water and oil colours, I also painted a couple of trompe loeil murals,and decorated with flowers two columns

the yellow fairy is a trio with the red and blue fairy

these pictures are copyright,that means they are my creation and you cannot copy them

this is a whale with it's baby painted with acrylics

a panda bear in oil colors

this is a painting made with oils, but I found the picture on the internet

some tulips in water colours
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I decorated this wall with a flower all going to the second floor

painting with seals but these ones are in the water, also done in water colours

this painting is of a seal mother with it's baby, done with water colours

I did a trio of fairies in water colour, this one I called red fairy

polar bears in water colours

oranges in oils

this is a detail of a trompe loeil done in a kitchen wall, with a couple of olive oils bottles

this lion is done with water pencils ,the wings are coverd with eyes

this is one of Leonardo da Vinci's paintings, is done in oils

the kitchen trompe loeil mural

this picture is done with water colour pencils, and texters,also some acrylics

emu done with pencil, and water colour pencils

detail of a column

painted flowers on a column

this eagle is like the lion above
purple lines texture

also this butterflie is a detail of the kitchen mural

this is a copy from a print, but this one is done with oil colours on a canvas

boots in oils

water colours

my second fairy tis one is called the blue fairy

something I did in oils, the little angel reminds me of my eldest child

more fairies, these ones are baby fairies in baskets done with water colours

all these paintings are not for sale, but I'm willing to take orders,all orders within Melbourne Australia,send and email to my address below, and
we will talk about details ,size,colours,payment,etc etc
Also for the ones who like poems or a scripture from the Bible,I can write it on the painting, you got something on mind?,is a very nice present for a mother a daughter,a father a son,or maybe for your boss.

this is my email
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